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Interestingly, the definitions further identify the role of municipalities in forging urban resilience. Often understood as the first governmental agency to respond or prepare for natural disaster recovery/mitigation, the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) have suggested that international efforts to implement urban resilience may not necessarily materialise and improve disaster risk reduction at the local level – often, this can manifest in tension between local and national policies. Light Jump sneakers Metallic Giuseppe Zanotti S1bbLDntx
[25] [26]

Figure 4. 8 leading organisations definitions of urban resilience. Mens SohoUbrush Trousers Bonobo JvLuKgs
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Moving Urban Resilience Forward

ISO 37120, this is the International Organisation for Standardisation document titled Sustainable Development of Communities – Indicators for City Services and Quality of Life. This represents the ISO’s first attempt at international standardisation of urban resilience indicators, attempting to unify a common understanding across multi-scalar institutions. ISO 37121, Sustainable Development in Communities – Inventory of Existing guidelines and Approaches on Sustainable Development and Resilience in Cities , was adopted in 2017 and represents a paradigm shift in the implementation of urban resilience. [36] This 3-year progression reflects the new phases of understanding urban resilience, moving towards operationalisation. As a result, leading organisations have adopted increasingly sophisticated and integrated definitions which unify cross-disciplinary actors, promote quantifiable indicators and recognise the holistic qualities of the networked urban system. Approaches to achieving urban resilience have, therefore, been integrative (often encompassing several disciplines) strategic policies informed by strong governance with the purpose of navigating urban development.

This contemporary operationalisation of urban resilience has materialised, for example, in Singapore, where researchers and practitioners have responded to both the AVA (Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore) and the Singaporean Institute of Architect’s (SIA) call to increase Singapore’s future food security via architectural/urban design solutions. The result of this has been hypothetical developments which integrate communal food systems into apartment living, thereby alleviating Singapore’s fragile food security issues. This outcome is emblematic of contemporary efforts to achieve increased urban resilience by cross-disciplinary collaboration – uniting permaculture experts, NGO’s, urban planners/designers, architects and community members. [37]

Before Edison commercialized the light bulb, illumination has been a metaphor for how innovation lights up the dark. Scans of our brain show neurons literally “lighting up” the screen when we think and consider ideas.

We have this image of an isolated genius, hunched over his desk, where a glowing bulb flickers above his head in a dim, empty room as he composes, paints, or invents some masterpiece. Even Pablo Picasso, one of the greatest artists of the 21 st century said, “Without solitude, no serious work is possible.”

But science suggests that no serious work would be possible without socializing either, that our brains are made for relationships and innovation is just a by-product of what we really use our minds for—community.

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Listen, Act, Respond: Three Steps to Improving Driver Retention

By Max Farrell

We’re all reading the same things: driver shortages, driver turnover, a fire-hot freight market, etc.

Now more than ever, trucking executives are wanting to take advantage of the business opportunities provided by the industry. But there’s a roadblock: it’s tough to find and keep truck drivers.

For too long trucking companies have focused strictly on recruiting. But with recruiting metrics favoring the advertiser and not the trucking company, driver retention is being revisited.

In December 1982, Pres. Ronald Reagan faced a problem that feels eerily familiar. Four thousand miles of the not-yet complete interstate system was in need of resurfacing and 23,000 bridges in need of repair. The gas tax, which had been levied to fund the interstate system, had not been increased since three years before construction began. And it no longer covered expenses.

In the Transportation Assistance Act of 1982, for the first time in 23 years, Congress more than doubled the gas tax, raising it five cents to a total of 9 cents a gallon. The bill authorized $71 billion for highway construction, road repairs and mass transit.

Game On

By Al Heringer, IV

Almost 25 years ago, my family expanded our business offerings to include a petroleum-hauling common carrier operation under the name of Star Transportation. After I graduated from college, I joined the business which at the time had only six trucks. Running a trucking company hadn’t been part of the plan I had for myself. Like most people who play high school and college sports, I thought I was headed to the pros – specifically, the NFL. But I found my path redirected in ways I couldn’t have imagined when I hung up my cleats for the last time.

I have a similar feeling when I think of how differently the trucking industry looks a quarter-century later.

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Chris Spear - American Trucking Associations

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By Will Francome, Megan Garner Eliot Stein 30 January 2018

Eighty-four-year-old Elsie Eiler pays taxes to herself, grants her own alcohol licence and is the only remaining resident in Monowi, Nebraska.

The middle of nowhere, and like nowhere else (Credit: Will Francome)

The middle of nowhere

Five miles from the South Dakota border in the remote northern reaches of the US state of Nebraska, a long dirt road cuts through rolling prairie grasslands and golden wheat fields towards downtown Monowi, a place you can see in its entirety by climbing any of its hay bales.

An abandoned church, whose empty pews are now filled with tractor tyres, stands opposite the decaying skeleton of a grain elevator. Weeds and brome grass twist around the rotting remnants of homes that are collapsing in on themselves. And inside a white, squat building with paint peeling off its frame, 84-year-old Elsie Eiler is flipping pork fritters and cracking open beer bottles for a pair of regulars under a sign that reads: “Welcome To The World Famous Monowi Tavern. Coldest Beer In Town!”

When Eiler’s husband, Rudy, passed away in 2004, he didn’t just leave her to run the tavern, but the whole town. Today, according to the striped trousers Blue Tome Y7ae0tbn
, Monowi is the only incorporated place in the US with just one resident, and Eiler is the mayor, clerk, treasurer, librarian, bartender and only person left in the US’ tiniest town.

Mayor of a ghost town (Credit: Will Francome)

Mayor of a ghost town

Eiler’s life as the only resident of a ghost town is truly singular. Each year, she hangs up a notice in Monowi’s only business (her bar) advertising mayoral elections, and then votes for herself. She’s required to produce a municipal road plan every year to secure state funding, and then raises about $500 worth of taxes from herself annually to keep the town’s three lampposts flickering and its water flowing.

“When I apply to the state for my liquor and tobacco licenses each year, they send them to the secretary of the village, which is me,” she explained. “So, I get them as the secretary, sign them as the clerk and give them to myself as the bar owner.”

She also keeps track of the list of nearby vacant residential lots, in case anybody wants to move into one of the decaying buildings and double the town’s population.

"I’m happy here. I grew up here" (Credit: Will Francome)

I’m happy here. I grew up here, I’m used to this and I know what I want. It’s just hard to change after so many years," Eiler said.

Description Overlooking Thermaic Gulf and 2.5 km from the train station, Queen Olga enjoys a central location in Thessaloniki, just 1.5 km from the White Tower.

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Thessaloniki City Centre , Thessaloniki

9.1 Awesome 1,608 reviews

8 people are looking right now

Description Makedonia Palace is right on the seafront and near central Thessaloniki. It features two restaurants of high taste, a swimming pool, gym and sauna.

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Thessaloniki was highly rated for history by 115 guests from the United States!

Special Beauty and Culture

Situated in the region of Central Macedonia, Thessaloniki is the 2nd largest city in Greece and a precious cultural center. Built near the sea, this modern metropolis used to be the crossroads between east and west, and houses some of the most amazing Byzantine and Ottoman monuments.

This lively city is full of large avenues, green squares, stunning Neo-Classical buildings and stylish shops. The White Tower of Thessaloniki is an imposing landmark on the waterfront and is the symbol of the city - a reminder of old times.

Visit sophisticated Thessaloniki, and you will have the chance to meet some of the most important Greek artists and musicians. The city has also an energetic nightlife featuring a number of clubs, bars or "bouzoukia".

Famous for the traditional taverns, restaurants and "ouzeries", the Ladadika neighborhood is the old Jewish quarter, filled with picturesque narrow streets. It's an ideal place to try some famous Macedonian specialities like bougatsa, souvlaki, and the delicious 'Panorama triangles'.

Thessaloniki International Airport is located about 9 miles away from the city center, and is the second busiest airport in Greece. Booking.com has a large selection of hotels, apartments and guest houses throughout the city.

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